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This page contains the "old" version of dchrt. See dchrt-ng for new revision of dchrt, which includes ipk repositories and updates with opkg.

Pandora development chroot environment.


The chroot is essentially a "ready to run" linux chroot tree without many/any of the customisations you've propably done to your OS, but with many added development tools - mostly with the goal to be able to (by default) create directly library ABI compatible binaries to the default pandora SuperZaxxon OS.

It contains:

Distcc in particular makes it less hassle to cross-compile projects, since many projects assume compilation is done on the target system architecture, which breaks cross-compilation and the hacks to go around are usually ugly and badly maintained.

How to install?

You'll need to extract the archive as root to an ext* filesystem. The archive will create a folder named dchrt. eg. on pandora:

sudo tar xvf /path/to/dchrt-nn.tar.bz2

on a PC you can use the xz version (the mount point might be different)

For more instructions refer to the README

Development packages

There are plans to create opkg repository for dchrt. At the moment however, you can grab some ipks built with makepnd from here.


Makepnd is fork of makepkg from Arch Linux. It allows you to create recipes for building and packaging PNDs from any arbitrary source. These recipes decrease the maintaining burden for PND and acts as easy way for other people to build your projects or ports from source.

Be sure to check out PUR, if you create any makepnd compatible recipes.