bemenu 1.0.0
Dynamic menu library and client program inspired by dmenu

Library functions. More...

Library Initialization

bool bm_init (void)
const struct bm_renderer ** bm_get_renderers (uint32_t *out_nmemb)

Library Version

const char * bm_version (void)

Detailed Description

Library functions.

Query library version, etc...

Function Documentation

bool bm_init ( void  )

Init bemenu, loads up the renderers.

You can force single renderer with BEMENU_RENDERER env variable, and directory containing renderers with BEMENU_RENDERERS env variable.

true on success, false on failure.
const struct bm_renderer** bm_get_renderers ( uint32_t *  out_nmemb)

Get list of available renderers.

out_nmembReference to uint32_t where total count of returned renderers will be stored.
Pointer to array of bm_renderer instances.
const char* bm_version ( void  )

Get version of the library in 'major.minor.patch' format.

See also
Semantic Versioning
Null terminated C "string" to version string.